Our low operating costs and high-caliber work mean you reap multiple benefits. We partner with you to offer tailored solutions. Customer service, project management and quality control are what we’re known for.


At the end of the day every business wants to increase its bottom line. One way to do this is to reduce your overhead by outsourcing all or a portion of your workload offshore.

Benefits of outsourcing to bGlobal:

  • You reduce costs

    Keeping talented staff costs money. Wages in North America and Europe are significantly higher than those in Bangladesh. We save you money on payroll costs and you reap the rewards of impeccable service and process-driven results. Plus, you can stay focused on your core competencies.

  • You get the expertise of a highly talented workforce

    Our handpicked programmers, project managers and QA specialists are some of the brightest in the business. All of our programmers hold a computer science degree and many hold advanced degrees.

  • You enjoy 24/5 support

    bGlobal provides support 24 hours a day during the normal Monday-Friday work week. We will engage with you in a thoughtful, professional manner during all stages of your project, in fluent English. You'll find that the time difference works in your favor – when your staff has clocked out, our team of professionals is working hard to develop customized software solutions to help get your products and services to market faster than you ever thought possible.

Our Bangladesh production center has a strong network infrastructure with backup connections. We leverage dual-redundancy, high speed fiber optic connections and a CISCO firewall-protected Linux, Unix and Windows server farm.

Since 2005 we’ve been continuously improving our processes to offer unparalleled services. Our methodology is reliable, predictable and efficient. When you work with us you minimize the risk of project failure or untimely delivery.

We handle all types of projects, from full-featured CMS-driven websites to customized social media pages and apps. And we’re moving full steam ahead with development for emerging technologies such as Google Glass.

Contact us today to find out how your firm can benefit from our talented, professional team.